Las Almas Rotas Shares their Passion for Mezcal and Mexican Culture with Dallas

Three friends became the partners behind Las Almas Rotas out of a passion for mezcal and the culture that produces it. It all started when this group of friends would meet at each other’s house and share bottles of mezcal. From this grew Las Almas, a private social club based around the spirit.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 10.32.29 AM

They decided that even though none of them had backgrounds in bars or restaurants they would pull together their resources and open Dallas’ first bar dedicated solely to the spirits of Mexico.

Las Almas Rotas is in the business of not only entertaining their patrons but educating them on these unique spirits and their culture.

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Las Almas Rotas, the first Mezcelaria in Expo Park,  features a small menu of Mexican food developed and executed by their chef Jose Luis, a 25-year veteran of the Dallas restaurant scene.

Las Almas Rotas is closed Monday and Tuesday. It opens Sunday through Wednesday from 5 PM till Midnight and Thursday through Saturday from 5 PM till 2 AM. Happy Hour is Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5 PM to 8 PM.

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Photos by Raecene Collins from the Sweet and Savory Blog (@sweetandsavoryblog)

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