Valentines Date Night Look featuring Slimsation

Bringing in Valentines Day 2019 in the perfect pair of jeans. These denim ankle pants by Slimsation are figuring flattering and perfect for a casually chic Valentines look. Slimsation offers slimming styles with a flexible tummy control panel giving you a smooth, slim, flattering figure.


Pants: Denim ankle pant by Slimsation

Top: The Lela Blouse by L’Academie

Heels: Suede round toe pumps by Alaia


Dallas Native Redefines What ‘Luxury’ Means

Lately, we’ve been drawing inspiration from people within our immediate network (ya’ll da ish!). This week our source of inspiration comes from a friend and Desoto native, Kwame Price, whose love for well-designed things led him to the creation of the luxury accessory brand, Cal & Kay. Read the interview below to learn about how Kwame is redefining what ‘luxury’ means and some of his favorite places to drink, shop and eat here in Dallas.
1. What sparked your interest in fashion?

An appreciation for well-designed things. Fashion is where my own design language could find a home. In college, I wanted to make denim, but the idea eventually evolved into leather goods and accessories.

2. Where does the name Cal & Kay come from?

Cal is my Father’s middle name and Kay is my Mother’s middle name. Naming my company after them was my way of honoring them. I want Cal & Kay to be a legacy brand one day, passed down through generations of my family. It’ll be here after I’m long gone.

3. What is the inspiration behind Cal & Kay accessories? 

I started Cal & Kay out of necessity. Shopping for accessories had become a chore. They were either too cheap or too expensive with little or no justification. So, I created a brand in the image of what I wanted to see in the world. Sweet price points, well-executed, and timeless. Each piece is designed to optimize ease of use.

4. What sets Cal & Kay apart from other accessories?

Made in Parisian workshops, the exceptional quality you get at a contemporary price point is unparalleled. I truly believe we are best in class — part of a new wave of brands redefining what ‘luxury’ means. We don’t have a 100+ year history like Vuitton or black & white photos of past generations, but we do have a point of view that resonates with current and future generations.

IMG_0459 (2)

5.  When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a designer?

The second I realized formal training wasn’t a prerequisite to creating cool shit. Didn’t go to fashion school, had no formal training — but it didn’t stop me. Matter of fact, I’d say it’s one of my advantages.

6. What was your biggest fear when going out and starting your own line? 

That no one would care. Why should consumers care about another brand entering an over-saturated market? While sitting at Soho House in London, a designer friend once told me, “You need to operate as if no one cares about your brand — because actually, they don’t.” Best piece of advice she’s ever given me. In a world full of sensory overload, people will discover you and forget you in the same breath. You have to constantly innovate. Be it through product, marketing & communication, customer experience, etc. If folks let you occupy a little mindshare, take advantage of it.

7. How do you want people to feel when wearing your accessories? 

Ahead of the curve — you’re the kind of guy/gal that constantly puts your friends on to new sh*t. But most importantly, like your best self. We create products for everyday use, but also the kind of pieces you carry when you want to make a statement. Place your Cal & Kay Zipped Credit Card Holder on the table at dinner and they’ll know you didn’t come to play games.

8. Tell us about Cal & Kay’s newest line of accessories? 

In full, it’s an 8 piece collection to be dropped over the course of the fall months. The first 5 pieces (slim credit card holder, zipped credit card holder, bifold wallet, passport cover, and a medium pouch) will ship in Aug / Sept. The imagery that inspired this collection varied, but the concept was the same — boldness. Owning your truth. From Solange in a red jumpsuit with blonde braids to Caravaggio — the man and the works of art (who would walk around with a sword at his side), boldness requires a mastery of sense of self.


9. What is your fave bar in Dallas? 

HIDE Bar. The vibe is always cool — never too packed, always comfortable. The Old-Fashioned and the double cheeseburger is my go-to combination.

10. What is your fave restaurant in Dallas? 

Medina Oven & Bar in Victory Park. Moroccan & Mediterranean fare — it’s low key. Everything on the menu is excellent. The owner is there daily shaking hands and checking on customers. Very personable establishment. Must order: Mint Tea (thank me later). Oh, can’t forget Whataburger.

11. Where is your favorite place to shop in Dallas? 

Trap Boutique on West Jefferson in Oak Cliff. Hidden among a variety of dress shops, this little gem is worth the journey. So many vintage pieces to choose from, from t-shirts to sneakers. Really can’t believe they’ve managed to stay under the radar. I’m also interested in seeing what changes are made at Forty Five Ten, now that they’ve acquired Tenoversix and named Kristen Cole chief of both retailers.

12. The advice you would give to someone wanting to do something similar. 

Kick down doors — my opportunities came because of persistence and my willingness to hustle. Just because you’re talented doesn’t mean someone’s going to find you and put you on. The beginning stages are hard, but those who prevail are always the ones who are willing to starve a little bit longer.

13. Where to purchase Cal & Kay and how can readers support. 

Right now you can place a pre-order for our new pieces at — pre-order ends April 26th. Otherwise, they’ll be available on our website, late summer / early fall. If you’re in LA or Japan — starting in September we’ll be stocked at Edifice Japan and VooDoo Los Angeles, a new store set to open in Downtown LA.

You can also find us on IG, @calandkay


14. Anything else you would like for people to know 🙂

Aspiring creatives / designers, hit me ( / IG: @kwameprice)

I’d love to be a resource for anyone trying to break into this industry. Fashion is known to be cliquish and inaccessible to newcomers. I didn’t have any fashion mentors or someone to show me the ropes, I learned the hard way. I went through that so y’all don’t have to go through it — / IG: @kwameprice 


Karren Whitney

So Dallas


Jack Retro Brings Vintage L.A to Greenville Ave.

Jack Retro is a Designer Resale Boutique in Dallas by Jack Perez, a Los Angeles native turned full on Texan, who’s been curating women’s (and some men’s as well) designer vintage and contemporary apparel, jewelry, and accessories for over 15 years.

Jack Perez used to be the creative director for all of the National Council of Jewish Women thrift shops and donation centers in Los Angeles and was the curator of vintage clothing—an appraiser for estate sales.

What sets Jack Retro apart is that they are a CURATED collection of items, versus Consignment.  That means their prices are much lower and the selection much more eclectic. All clothes are in perfect condition, or as near perfect as possible.

The Jack Retro team was very picky about their location so we’re glad they found a home on Greenville Avenue across from the street from Terilli’s and in walking distance to The Grape.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @JackRetroDallas for a first look at some amazing finds.

Let us know if you visit Jack Retro by tagging #SoDallasy.



Places in Dallas to Do Work + Chill

This post is for the go-getters who get tired of doing their work AFTER work at home. Sometimes it gets boring or you get distracted and you just need to work in a different environment that fosters a little creativity, forces you to focus and gives you the chance to interact with others… if you feel like it.

Here’s a list of places in Dallas you can go to Do Work + Chill:

  1. Mudsmith Coffee: Trendy caffeine shop also serving beer, sandwiches & pastries with a variety of seating & WiFi.
  2. Toasted: Creative toasts, grilled cheese sandwiches, coffee & booze served in airy, rustic-industrial space.
  3. Sip Stir Cafe: Modern, airy gathering spot for select coffee, espresso drinks & tea, plus pastries & cafe fare.
  4. Whole Foods Market off McKinney Avenue: This Whole Foods features a full-service coffee, juice and smoothie bar that’s open daily + plenty of seating + rooftop patio seating
  5. Cafe Express: Bistro-style restaurant + plenty of seating inside and patio
  6. The Courtyard on the Harwood St. side of the Dallas Museum of Art: The image featured in this post was taken at this courtyard.

Btw, I love my Earbolts NUB mini wireless speaker. It’s small but packs a powerful sound.  I carry it everywhere I go and it comes in handy especially when I Do Work and Chill at the park.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 10.59.32 PM

Purchase speaker on Amazon today.

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7 Spring Dallas Desserts to Eat Right Now


There are so many places in Dallas to grab a sno-cone including the Farmers Market, Klyde Warren Park and Aunt Stellas but our favorite is Sno-Cone Shack #5 on Hampton Road in Desoto, TX.


2.Steel City Pops

Go-to for craft popsicles made with organic, locally sourced ingredients in creative flavors.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 10.11.16 PM

3. La Duni Cafe

Romantic, award-winning Latin restaurant, bakery, coffee house featuring hand-crafted cocktails, wedding cakes, desserts and more.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 10.09.30 PM

4. Milk & Cream

Dessert shop specializing in donut sandwiches filled with ice cream & mix-ins like candy & cereal.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 10.07.13 PM

5. Chills 360

Cozy counter shop for fun, exotic ice cream flavors transformed into made-to-order rolls.
Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 10.05.45 PM
A dessert restaurant serving artisan soft serve ice cream, designer donuts, fresh baked cakes, unicorn cake, fresh baked goods, frozen treats, lemonade, tea and more.
Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 10.04.31 PM
Deep Ellum spot for Taiwanese boba tea, shaved snow treats, macarons & packaged Asian snacks.
Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 10.02.45 PM


Hope you enjoy! Tag #SoDallasy in your posts if you go visit.


Cocktail of the Week: Champagne & St. Germain


Lately, I’ve been drinking an embarassing amount of champagne which is unusual for me considering I’m a “tequila girl” but since New Years I’ve kept at least one bottle of champagne in the fridge.

This cocktail is super simple yet dare I say it, magnificent.  My super fabulous sorority sister introduced me to this a few months back on a trip to Arizona. There’s only two ingredients: St. Germain (elderflower liqueur) and a sparkling wine. I prefer Asti Spumante but the vendor sold out of it on the Minibar delivery app the day this photo  was taken so I had to get a Prosecco. Lately, I’ve been jazzing up this simple cocktail by adding a little grenadine.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 3.07.30 PM


  1. Fill a champagne flute 1/3 of the way with St. Germain.
  2. Top off with champagne.
  3. Stir.
  4. Enjoy!




Hosting 101: Build the Cheese Board of Your Dreams

The older I get, the more I realize the importance of being a good host and having the proper food and drink options for guests when they come over. I love cooking but sometimes I just want to chill a little and a create a bomb cheese board which pairs well when you’re casually having a friends over for a glass of wine or two. I think this is a true art and I finally came across my dream chease board at Anthrolologie a few weeks back. So of course, I could not wait to bring my cheese board to life!

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 8.55.59 AM

Here’s what you need to build the cheese board of your dreams:

  1. A cheese board. I love my marble and brass cheese board from Anthropologie but they have many more options that may fit your particular style. Luckily, they always have a great cheese board on sale if you don’t want to spend more than $50 for one. I honestly felt like I hit the jackpot when I found mine. It was sold out online but I found it in store on clearance. PLUS, they were having an additional 40% off clearance sale. WINNING! I knew it was meant to be when I saw it and I’m glad I didn’t settle for another cheese board. lol
  2. Make it rain CHEESE. Choose a mix of cheese from a variety of textures. I stay away from stinky cheese! That’s not my thing. Here’s a list of some of my favorite cheeses that past guests seemed to enjoy: smoked gouda, brie, cheddar, pepper jack, cream cheese and maybe something fun I’ve never tried before.
  3. Add something salty (meats and other things). My go-to salty items are usually olives, pickles, prosciutto, smoked salmon, salami, salted smoked almonds and maybe pepperoni.
  4. Add something sweet. I’m not big on jams and things so I tend to add fruit like grapes or apples to my cheese boards. Fruits go really well with cheese.
  5. Add crackers. Maybe Bread. Use plain sourdough or french bread. If you’re having people over for a good amount time, people tend to get hungry and will reach for the bread. Crackers are totally up to you. I lean more towards water crackers.
  6. Fill in spaces. Fill in the spaces of your cheese board with garnishes, nuts, fruits or whatever is left over!

Happy hosting!




Las Almas Rotas Shares their Passion for Mezcal and Mexican Culture with Dallas

Three friends became the partners behind Las Almas Rotas out of a passion for mezcal and the culture that produces it. It all started when this group of friends would meet at each other’s house and share bottles of mezcal. From this grew Las Almas, a private social club based around the spirit.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 10.32.29 AM

They decided that even though none of them had backgrounds in bars or restaurants they would pull together their resources and open Dallas’ first bar dedicated solely to the spirits of Mexico.

Las Almas Rotas is in the business of not only entertaining their patrons but educating them on these unique spirits and their culture.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 10.31.34 AM

Las Almas Rotas, the first Mezcelaria in Expo Park,  features a small menu of Mexican food developed and executed by their chef Jose Luis, a 25-year veteran of the Dallas restaurant scene.

Las Almas Rotas is closed Monday and Tuesday. It opens Sunday through Wednesday from 5 PM till Midnight and Thursday through Saturday from 5 PM till 2 AM. Happy Hour is Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5 PM to 8 PM.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 10.30.17 AMScreen Shot 2018-01-13 at 10.30.30 AMScreen Shot 2018-01-13 at 10.30.45 AMScreen Shot 2018-01-13 at 10.31.04 AMScreen Shot 2018-01-13 at 10.31.14 AMScreen Shot 2018-01-13 at 10.31.25 AMScreen Shot 2018-01-13 at 10.33.02 AMScreen Shot 2018-01-13 at 10.33.36 AM

Photos by Raecene Collins from the Sweet and Savory Blog (@sweetandsavoryblog)

with love,